Regulation dogs


Organized beach to consent the free admittance to the persons with pets (dog)
In collaboration with l’Ente Nazionale Protezione Animali di Savona autorization C.P.n_89/2001


  1. The free admittance to this beach is consented to only one pet every 8 mq
  2. The dog must have a thira party insurance about bites and aggression persons or other pets.
  3. Every pets can enter if it has the tatoo and the sanitary documents of the periodic vaccinated prophylaxis against contagious deseases they must have veterinary health certification issued into 30 day before from the vet. Every one, before entering to the beach, must have the dog-collar
  4. The dogcan’t be unleashed from the collar, long at least 1,5 mt. That is alwais fastened to the special places.
  5. The companion must control that the dog couldn’t go to the ghbours; he must worry that the dog has water and the possibility to protect itself from the sun.
  6. The ownercan’t leave the dog unguarded that can’t go around the beach
  7. The dog can stay only into its areas, caught across special passages, with the collar and muzzle.
  8. The desections must be picked up and put on refuses, the evacuation must be washed with a lot of sea-water.
  9. The bath is consented to five dogs at a time. After it they must be fastened. The pets can do the bath from 1,00 pm. To2,00 pm and from 7,00 pm to 8,00 pm and into the special floating equipment.
  10. The admittance is forbidden to aggressive pets and to females on heat, the owner must avoid barkings the manager can accept or refuse the pets and he can recall or repeal the booking or/and the stay on his discrection.
  11. Every two hours the companion must take the pet out of the boilding for an igienical walking
  12. If these rules couldn’t be respected the manager could expell the transgressor with the repayment of the only days failed.